Olivia Benson Swift leaving her apartment in NYC.

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I was born in 1989. My life inspired me. But this time I was not broken and devastated, but on the rise. Now it’s all about my life. I say with my album: “Begin to live your own life.” - taylorswift

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Dear beautiful fans,

My whole life, I’ve dreamed and hoped and wished upon shooting stars that someday I might be lucky enough to headline my own tour. With the Fearless Tour, all of those hopes and dreams and wishes have come true, and it’s all because of you. I will never stop thanking you. I will never forget how you sold out every single show on this tour. I will always love writing songs about boys. I will always love costume changes. And I will always love you.



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Can I just say… what da fuq was that Teen Wolf finale.

This entire season has just been one big fuck up mess of a show with no plot lines, nothing explained, NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.


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I had a mini heart attack at work today when Taylor was papped leaving her hotel literally ten minutes away from where I work.



As it turns out, you don’t know how much you love monogrammed pillows until London provides you with monogrammed pillows.

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if ‘1989’ sells a million copies or better in its first week, Taylor Swift will be the first person in HISTORY to have 3 consecutive records break the million mark during their release week

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he literally rolled out of bed to go do this television interview

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Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair (France)

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